Trying to Leave

We’ve got a week off work…and the flu. Campervan Gang down.

After a few days in bed, a lot of flu medicine and some despondent Glastonbury watching, we emerged for our belated holiday. I discovered that Hiro is an excellent place to have a nap in Sainsbury’s car park when you’ve got a fever and we were now going to test the power of campervanning to heal and recuperate!

So with positive thoughts of ‘why oh why aren’t we going on a nice, easy package holiday to somewhere sunny not setting off to a Scottish midge-fest when I really just want to be in bed’ we set off. Or we would have if we’d planned our route at all. Cue many hours of indecisive googling. We eventually decided on heading up to Glen Coe and taking it from there. Yep, we’re totally go-with-the-flow man.



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