A Loch Lomond Mini-Adventure


In the words of a certain TV show, winter is coming. The leaves are starting to fall and the mornings are misty and chilly. We need to grab those last opportunities for camping fun before they become freezing, Bear Grylls-style survival activities. We decided to squeeze some autumn mini-adventures in while we still can, so off we went to Loch Lomond for the weekend. Milo’s main plan for the trip was to lure out the Loch Lomond monster (Nessie’s lesser known cousin) with shortbread. Mine and Stu’s was to relax after a crazy few weeks at work and Milo’s fourth birthday party carnage!

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Five Reasons Campervans are Better than Tents

With a grand total of two campervan trips under my belt, I think I’m definitely now in the position to write my first top five campervan-related list. I love lists – ‘what’s your top five bands/foods/animals/smells [delete as appropriate] is my all-time favourite travel game.

These are also the reasons why, if you’ve filed away the possibility of camping under ‘too much roughing it involved’, I reckon campervanning could change your mind. They win the battle of campervans vs. tents hands down. I hope this doesn’t incur any scary tent-lover’s wrath…but bring on the debate! Continue reading