Meet Hiro the Campervan

This is definitely not the next Top Gear blog, you’re not going to get chat about horsepower turbo torque here. I passed my driving test 6 months ago so my vehicle knowledge leaves a wee bit to be desired!

But here’s what I do know about our new campervan so far:

  • she’s a Toyota HighAce (nowhere near as expensive as a VW but hopefully semi-reliable).
  • she’s dark green.
  • she’s got some rather funky red polka dot curtains, a cool spinny-roundy front seat and a Rock’n’Roll bed (which sounds very exciting).
  • she’s quite noisy to drive and hard to park, but you get a great view being up so high.


We named her Hiro because:

  1. Toyota’s are Japanese (possibly not new information for most people).
  2. Milo is a MASSIVE fan of superheroes! Our world is full of Superman, Batman, and all those new Avenger ones I haven’t quite got my head around yet.
  3. Campervans are girls apparently. There aren’t enough girl superheroes in the world so Hiro will be a girl superhero!

We bought her from a lovely family in Falkirk in May and drove her the rather hairy journey back home with her dodgy brakes and steering. We’ve been getting her road-worthy and ready for her first journey ever since (got the brakes, steering, tyres and cam belt fixed- that’s as technical as you’re going to get!)

She’s got a few dents and rusty bits, and some left over chicken poop that will not scrub off on the dashboard where a very vicious cockerel had settled in at her previous home, but we’re pretty fond of her already.

3 thoughts on “Meet Hiro the Campervan

  1. Hey I too have a Hiace camper van, turquoise green with pink cherry blossoms painted on her ( i wanted her to look as though in a moment of spring madness, i had driven her through a cherry blossom orchard) she is wonderful and along with her and my yellow bike we have been on many adventures (connemara being my favorite), My eldest grandson now ten used to ask when he was little and living in england ‘But what’s your REAL name granny from ireland with the big green camper?’ hope you enjoy every moment of yours. :)

    1. Aaw thanks Steph. Loving the sound of the cherry blossoms,we’ve talking about a bit of custom painting for Hiro- the boys want flames but I like cherry blossoms much better!also a yellow bike?very cool!:)

      1. One side flames. the other side cherry blossoms ? Are you from scotland? I studied midwifery in aberdeen many moons ago and spent a lot of my days off exploring the outer hebrides . So like connemara beach wise. good look and happy days in your camper :)

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