The Story So Far…

It all began in a beer garden, as the best plans usually do!

Over the years, mine and Stu’s favourite chat about the future has been the ‘let’s get campervan and go on awesome adventures’ one. This blog will be the story of us attempting to do that!

The Great Van Plan began with a (slightly tipsy) conversation in the aforementioned beer garden. The following might not show either of us in a particularly romantic light but I’m afraid it’s an honest summary of the talk…

Me: ‘I think it might be time we finally got married.’

Stu: (long pause) ‘I’ll get married if we can get  a campervan.’

Me: ‘Deal.’

(This kind of deal is a fine tradition of Stu’s. The ‘we can have a baby once we’ve got our own sofa’ deal was also a classic.)

So wedding planning began, we asked our lovely guests to contribute to the campervan fund instead of getting us a present and a few months later, this happened:


And this happened (hooray!):

So this blog really has to start with a massive thank you to our friends and family who helped us buy our first campervan!

Thank you, we love you x



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