Hiro Hits Solfest!


Around this time of year, the lure of drinking cider and listening to music in a muddy, hippy-filled field is strong. In all honesty though, our last festival experience was not so great. Or relaxing. We slept in a two man tent with Milo, who was nearly two at the time (otherwise known as the ‘enjoys running full pelt into the distance and not coming back’ age), and ended up awake very early desperately hunting for coffee. We found closed food vans, litter pickers and a few late night stragglers instead. It was a pitiful scene.

So we were slightly apprehensive about repeating the experience – but optimistic that having a campervan and an older (although still pretty hyper) child would make for funner times.

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Campervans Aren’t Just For Camping #1: Bike Race Support Vehicle


In my dream world, every weekend (make that every day!) would be free for setting off into the sunset for camping adventures. In the real world, it’s just not possible. Other stuff crops up – work stuff, house stuff, the hectic bouncey-castle-filled social calendar of three year olds…

Not to worry, I’m going to share the many ways campervans make themselves useful, even if (like us) you’re not available for full-time campervan tripping! First up, they’re the perfect companion for any mountain bike fanatic…and their excited hangers on.

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Honeymooning in Hiro – Can Campervans be Romantic?


Honeymoon time – woop! Our lovely (and brave) friends and Milo’s super-aunty were roped into babysitting for a few nights so we could take Hiro on a belated honeymoon trip. Can a campervan possibly compete with a private beach in the Maldives (not currently a viable financial option) and give you a romantic honeymoon experience though?

(I should warn you that Stu and I are not the most romantic couple there ever was, as you might have gathered from our proposal story,so don’t set your romance expectations too high! I did, however, purchase a honeymoon candle. Oh yes.)

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The Story So Far…


It all began in a beer garden, as the best plans usually do!

Over the years, mine and Stu’s favourite chat about the future has been the ‘let’s get campervan and go on awesome adventures’ one. This blog will be the story of us attempting to do that!

The Great Van Plan began with a (slightly tipsy) conversation in the aforementioned beer garden. The following might not show either of us in a particularly romantic light but I’m afraid it’s an honest summary of the talk… Continue reading