Campervans Aren’t Just For Camping #1: Bike Race Support Vehicle

In my dream world, every weekend (make that every day!) would be free for setting off into the sunset for camping adventures. In the real world, it’s just not possible. Other stuff crops up – work stuff, house stuff, the hectic bouncey-castle-filled social calendar of three year olds…

Not to worry, I’m going to share the many ways campervans make themselves useful, even if (like us) you’re not available for full-time campervan tripping! First up, they’re the perfect companion for any mountain bike fanatic…and their excited hangers on.


We put this to the test for the Whyte Endura Scottish Open: King and Queen of the Hill 2015┬árace in Peebles. For those of you not initiated into the crazy world of enduro mountain bike racing, it basically involves a gruelling combination of cross-country and uphills, interspersed with technical/terrifying timed downhill sections. My experience (purely as a spectator) is that enduro racers are a very friendly bunch, who are also quite prone to riding into trees…

Stu was racing this one, so Milo and I went along as his groupie support team. Sadly, we had no pompoms – but we did have a lot of snacks.


Perks of a Campervan on Race Day

  • You can preserve your modesty while you get changed ready for action. And de-muddied at the end of the day.
  • Tea making/beer cooling facilities.
  • You can throw your bike in easily without having to remove wheels or saddles to squeeze it into a car – as long as you have a lovely, understanding partner who doesn’t mind a campervan covered in mud (luckily my mud tolerance threshold is pretty high these days living with two boys!)


  • Your bike’s safely locked in the van if you want to head into a town for ice cream or beers post-race. And you will.
  • In the event of injuries or post-race exhaustion you’ve a bed on hand. Hiro is a great place to nap, I’ve tried this out in many locations now.
  • Your loyal fans have a place to hang out and shelter from the elements while they wait patiently with cowbells aready for your (admittedly very exciting) two second moment of glory when you pass them. Totally worth the wait!


Stu made it round in one piece avoiding any close encounters with trees, phew, and Milo loved watching him race – hooray for biking campervan adventures!


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