Welcome to the Campervan Gang!


This summer, after fifteen years together, Stu and I tied the knot and were lucky enough to get a campervan for our wedding present (thanks lovely friends and family x)

You can read all about that romantic tale in The Story So Far.

My happiest childhood memories are of campfires, messing about near lakes, and sleeping under the stars. Over the years, Uni and partying and then a baby, jobs, an old lady bad back and Netflix somehow got in the way of that lifestyle!

I want Milo to have his own camping adventures though, so hopefully a campervan will mean we can give him the outdoor Good Life, with a bit of comfort for the grown-ups!

I decided to document our journey from slight couch potatoes to intrepid, outdoorsy campervan pros for anyone that fancied coming along for the ride with us.

We’ve got Hiro the campervan,

we’ve got Milo the very excited campervan fan,

and we’ve got the beautiful Scottish summer…ahem.

Time to hit the road!

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